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Label Facts

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Application Timing

Timing to weeds

Make soil applications prior to weed emergence. Make postemergence applications before broadleaf weeds reach 3 inches tall.

Timing to crop

Make soil applications prior to crop emergence. Make postemergence applications before corn reaches 11 inches tall. For yellow popcorn, Resicore must be applied prior to crop emergence.

Proposed Use Rate

Resicore is labeled for use on field corn, field seed corn, field silage corn, yellow popcorn.

Use rates of Resicore are based on soil texture and organic matter content as outlined in the table to the below. Do not apply Resicore® corn herbicide more than 28 days prior to planting or to field corn taller than 11 inches. Resicore should not be used on soils with greater than 10% organic matter.

Rate Per Acre (QUARTS)*
Soil Organic Matter Content
Soil texture Less than 3% 3% or greater
Course 2.25 2.5
Medium 2.5 2.75
Fine 2.75 3

*An additional 0.25 quart per acre may be used in areas of heavy weed infestation. Do not exceed 3.25 quarts per acre of Resicore® herbicide per season.

Crop Rotation Intervals

Select your crop below to determine the rotational interval.

Rotational Interval: Anytime

If Resicore is tank-mixed or used sequentially with other products, follow the most restrictive product's crop rotation interval.


Resicore is tank-mix-compatible with atrazine, glyphosate and other corn herbicides.

The following tank-mix partners may be applied by the same methods and at the same timing as Resicore unless otherwise specified on the tank-mix product label:

  • Glyphosate, glufosinate, paraquat, or 2,4-D, per product labels, to control susceptible emerged weeds.
  • Atrazine at 0.5 to 2 lb. a.i. per acre, to improve control of some broadleaf weeds and grasses.